Tax & Assessment RFI Announcement

Updated: Monday, October 1, 2018

Original posting date:  Monday, July 16,2018

Lisa C. Meredith, MnCCC Executive Director

MnCCC Tax & Assessment RFI -- Extended Deadline (see posted documents for details).

MnCCC has recently created a Tax and Assessment Strategic Planning Committee to create our five-year plan for our tax and assessment groups. We are looking for information from various vendors on how they might partner with us and what a five-year plan might look like. MnCCC offers a large number of Minnesota tax and assessment experts available for our vendors. We work closely with the Minnesota Department of Revenue and have members and organization partners that work closely with the Minnesota Legislature. We would like to relook at how we can better collaboratively meet the needs of our membership and proactively plan for state changes.  We want efficient and effective software solutions, training, upgrades, and planning. For our part, in addition to our individual user groups’ Legislative Research Committees, we will be creating a joint committee with representation from our various groups to better plan for changes and work with our vendors. We have also created a plan to expand our member participation in our user groups and various committees by going deeper into our member counties and bringing in the next generation of county staff through training and mentoring. Finally, and this is where you come in, we are putting out an RFI to request information from various vendors to present us with a vision of where we could be in five years through a partnership with you.

RFI Letter & Information
Vendor Contact Form